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{url date} not showing in Lyx


I have created a .bib file with Mendeley and use it for citations in Lyx. All works well, but some fields from the .bib file are not displayed in Lyx. My biggest problem is that I can`t make Lyx display "url date" from the bib file, which is absolutely necessary for online references.

I have used JabRef before and included "Last accessed on ..." as a note, in Mendeley I can`t find a way to do this (if I add a note, I get an error message in Lyx).

I am using Natbib author-year, and a custom-made .bst file, but I have also tried other files, e.g. apsr.

I would be very very grateful about any help where the problem might be, since I have no idea what to do.