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toolbar configuration - how to add TODO

i have tried to add an icon to the toolbar for the insert todo
command. the package todo is installed and can be used via the menu.
i added the line
                Item "Insert TODO" "todo"

to the file (in ~/.lyx/ui) in the first toolbar before
"check spelling".
an icon for todo.png is in my ~/.lyx/images (and also in the global
images directory)
(the icon is a copy from another icon, which i do not intend to use)
then reconfigure and restart. the changed stdtoolbars file is read
(visible when i change the tooltip for another icon), but the icon
does not appear.

what could be wrong? -- helpl is appreciated!  - andrew

the layout file for todo is
#\DeclareLyXModule{TODO notes}
#Inserts TODO-notes in the output. A list of todo notes can be
#by inserting \listoftodos in ERT.
# Author: Juergen Spitzmueller <>

Format 11

InsetLayout TODO
        LyXType               custom
        LabelString           TODO
        LatexType             command
        LatexName             todo
        Decoration            classic
          Color               magenta
          Size                Small
        MultiPar              false
        OptionalArgs          1