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Wolfgang Engelmann-2
If I index two (or more) words following each other, I usually mark them and
select 'index entry' (german: Stichwort). To make the word(s) appear
emphasized in the index, I use @\emph{xx} as shown below in the example (as
Liviu told me, thanks again).
If this is done with word(s) which is (are) already emphasized I get a double
entry of the words in the index, e.g.

Oxalis, 62
Oxalis, 71
where both are correctly emphasized.
It should, however, show
Oxalis, 62,71

I traced the tex output and found this:

\section{Mouvement foliaire de \emph{Oxalis regnellii}}

\emph{\index{Oxalis@\emph{Oxalis}}}Pour montrer les mouvements foliaires

So apparently the whole index-item-box was emphasized (first \emph) in  
addition to the emphasized word. My solution was, to mark in Lyx my  
'index entry' (Stichwort)-box and use ctr e (for the emphasis on/off  

Since it took me some time to find out I thougth to report it here.
I wonder whether this is a bug in Lyx.