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Re: The Stix Unicode math fonts are available in beta

Abdelrazak Younes
Helge Hafting wrote:

> Abdelrazak Younes wrote:
>> Helge Hafting wrote:
>>> William Adams wrote:
>>>> Has there been any thought to using these for display of math in LyX?
>>> LyX uses latex, so this can be arranged once they release their
>>> latex support package. You will probably just need a "usepackage"
>>> line in the preamble, until support is added in LyX itself.
>>> It _is_ possible to use just about any font (even unsupported ones)
>>> with LyX, but this is far from trivial. I spent a few days figuring it
>>> out some years ago, but that was a text font. Math fonts are harder.
>> Math fonts in LyX are hardcoded to use the "modern font" package (the
>> so-called bakoma fonts).
> LyX itself supports one math font, but I have no problem using
> \usepackage{mathpazo} to get a different font for math.
> If stix provides us with a similiar package, then the
> same simple trick ought to work?

Yes, once stix support TeX (which is not the case in this beta).

>> There is no other choice. I would be a good idea to use the Stix fonts
>> instead which supports Unicode code points. LateX support is another
>> story (but independent from math viewing within LyX).
> Now I see the misunderstanding. I was thinking about the printed
> result, not the view inside LyX. I have never worried about that at all.