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Maximilian Wollner
Hi there again,

I have managed to solve my problems, there's only one left. The trick  
was to get rid of the "oxford" command and all my manually written  
commands were at once accepted and got carried out. So now I have  
practically all that I wish. It seems that the "oxford" command (as  
well as many other jurabib-commands) has/have more than one command  
in it/in them, which get into conflict with other commands and for  
whatever reason, LaTeX decided to prefer the oxford command instead  
of others. So the example given in the wiki is somewhat dangerous for  
people with little knowledge like me that need to change the setup.  
If I learn a little more about jurabib I will try to contribute a  
better jurabib-explanation to the wiki. My setup is now as follows:

bibformat=ibidem} % Letztes Problem mit Jurabib: neuerdings kommt bei  
vgl.-Zitaten folgendes: VGL. in: Vorname Nachname etc. -> d.h. "vgl."  
in Kapitälchen und das "in:" völlig überflüssig. GELÖST, indem ich  
das vgl. einfach in die Fußnote vor das Zitat schreibe, nicht aber im  
Zitat selbst formatiere. NEUES PROBLEM: Autoren landen nicht im Index.

\renewcommand*{\bibansep}{. }
\renewcommand*{\bibjtsep}{In: } % Diese Befehle tunen die Zitierweise  
aus Zeitschriften ein wenig

And it all works :) except for one thing: authors are not being  
indexed (using memoir as the document class). But I remember having  
difficulties to index authors in KOMA Script and LyX 1.4.x as well  
(back then, authors were indexed but looked like this in the index:  
"Eco, Umberto=Eco, Umberto, 19, 22, 56")

Greetings from Vienna,