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Problems with child documents

Hi everyone ,

I am a beginner in lyx and I'm having a lot of trouble to create my project. It is a single master document with 3 kids inserted documents.
The master document only has the cover and configuration of preamble (no TOC ) . The 3 child documents have their own TOC of independent content . The numbering is independent. Like 3 separate books belonging to a large project. Problems occur when you compile master document with any "include type":

1 - "Include": All tables of contents appear at the beginning of the compilation. Does not respect the order of the child documents. The numbering is global to the entire document.
2 - "Input": Same result.
3 - " Verbatim " . Fails to compile. Create many errors like "Missing $ inserted" "Extra } , ​​or forgotten $ ." I have totally rejected this "include type".
4 - "Program listing" : I think the solution may be this type but the child does not compile documents. Pdf with the code of the child documents are generated. The " listing parameters" are :

Could anyone help me or give me some suggestions to complete my project?
Thank you very much in advance.