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Music (not music theory) books in Lyx

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I'm looking for suggestions about which document class would be best for music books--collections of hymns, scores, method/study books, etcetera.  If one does not exist, then suggestions on creating my own document class would be greatly appreciated.

I use Lilypond to create the music in PDF, but things get awfully slow trying to compile more than 30-50 pages.  Although Lilypond does a stellar job in making beautiful music, it isn't great with indexing, or table-of-contents.

Lilypond-book and the ability to input Lilypond code into Lyx (or OpenOffice, for that matter) are great for theory or articles which "quote" short musical excerpts...but not quite what I need.  I want MOSTLY music, with the ability to index the contents, composers, tune names, meters, lyricists, and subjects of individual pieces of music.

I'm already familiar with Insert -> File -> External Material for my PDF music files.  I would prefer for each PDF file to already have the title and authorship.

So my big challenge is: How should I create non-printing Title, Composer and Lyricist references for my indexing.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

Mike The Ski_Phreak