Errors with moderncv imported from latex

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Errors with moderncv imported from latex

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recently I decided to use moderncv to create a nice looking CV as PDF, which works ok.

Now I wanted to export this to HTML and use lyx (2.0.3. coming with Ubuntu 12.10) for editing, which doesn't work as expected.

The imported latex file seemingly can be exported to HTML, as it says "export successful", but the output is not ok:
it prints literal \items after the first itemize command inside a cventry.

Trying an export to pdf gives errors on every cventry, cvitem or cvlistdoubleitem,.i.e.:
Paragraph ended before \\cvitem was complete.

I tried this with the example file template.tex coming with moderncv.

I tried with the current version 1.2.1 of moderncv after encountering the problems described with the one preinstalled on Ubuntu 12.10.

As the last posts hinting to similar difficulties date from years ago, I suppose I must be missing something obvious. On the other hand some workarounds and hints given then, could meanwhile be outdated:
The tip given here to treat the optional {} in the cventry, etc. definitions as obligatory didn't help me.

Can anybody give me a hint, how I can use moderncv with lyx?