Engineering student considering LyX for Thesis

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Engineering student considering LyX for Thesis

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To the ones that can and will help,

I apologize if this has already been covered in another topic; I have searched but been unable to find any such. If, however, you know of such topics, if you could please point me in the right direction?

My current situation is this: I am working on my Master Thesis and currently doing my research and such. As it is now, I am uncertain how large my final project will be - I imagine that the final document will probably exceed 100 pages, but where I am uncertain of size I am certain that the document will contain considerable amounts of graphs and tables - rather more than I am comfortable working with in Word 2010.

My questions are fairly simple to ask, I am not certain that everybody will agree on the answers but rough estimates are all I am looking for anyway. So here goes:

1. Considering LyX over Word, how much time would I approximately need to learn LyX to the extent that I can actually produce text, including graphics and formulas(!), from a template?
2. What can I reasonably expect my learning curve to be after having learned the bare basics; what I mean is, is it simple to teach LyX to oneself and how easy is it to solve problems when encountered?
3. And finally, being a skilled user of Word would I - ultimately - save or spend time if I did try my luck on LyX?

I have many more similar questions, but for now this will have to do - I shouldn't take to much of your time! But if you have any other advice or experiences that relate to my post, that you feel could help me or others that are doing the same kind of contemplations, please do not hesitate and do share!

Thank you very much for time. I look forward to read your replies!