Can't update pdf in PDF-XChange, but can in Adobe..

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Can't update pdf in PDF-XChange, but can in Adobe..

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Hello all!

So I can't update my pdf file when using PDF-XChange (or Nuance) as a pdf reader, but there is no problem when I use Adobe.

I can view/ create the documents fine in LyX using all 3 readers, but when I try to update with PDF-XChange or Nuance, I get the following message:

   "I can't write on file 'Filename.pdf'"

So in order to view any changes to the document, I must close the pdf file, and click view again.
Here is an excerpt for the error log, if it help:

   ! I can't write on file `First_document.pdf'.
   Please type another file name for output
   ! Emergency stop.
   <to be read again> 
                      \endgroup \set@typeset@protect
   l.80 O
         ne can get carried away while playing around. But I would like to
   *** (job aborted, file error in nonstop mode)

I would really appreciate any help! While I'm glad it works in Adobe at least, I don't really want to work with it, but nor do I want to close and reopen the pdf file if I want to work with another reader...