Automated generation of master document from sub documents

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Automated generation of master document from sub documents

Hello all -

I am undertaking a project which will needs automated creation of documents from many sub documents.  I am currently trading different foundational technologies to accomplish this, such as DocBook, Microsoft-based products, Latex, and others.  I've come across Lyx as a promising technology as well.  I am looking for something that is easy to use for the many users that will be creating the sub documents.  The documents will be mathematical in nature, so LaTeX is a plus.

I have scratched the surface with Lyx, and am wondering what support there is for such automation.  Would it be possible to script the creation of a master document from these sub documents?  The sub documents will be hierarchal, so ideally the scripting would create a chapter hierarchy that mimics this.  I've noticed the Lyx functions in the documentation, but it hasn't clicked in my head how those could by used in an automated fashion, as I haven't seen a scripting interface.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Another alternative I could see is manually generating lyx files to accomplish this as well, but I would rather use Lyx functions if possible.

Would love to hear if anyone has done something similar.